You Can Use Your Earbuds as a Mic on Your PC?

How Can You Use Earbuds as Mic on Your PC

The question, “How can you use your earbuds as a mic on your PC?” is quite interesting. That is, many readers on Microphone Review have asked me this question, and that’s the reason I’m going to write on it today. Use your earbuds as a mic on your PC

Getting started:

Older PCs usually have separate analog plugins for both microphones and earbuds. If you plug your earbuds auxiliary cable into the speaker one, you can only use them as earphones to listen to songs, music, and other audio.

However, if you want to use them as microphones, you can plug them into the microphone jack, and with some setting modifications, you will be able to use them as microphones.

Earbuds already come with microphones, it is just that PCs don’t offer a single port for both microphone and speaker jack, and mobile earphones don’t come with USB connectors. So, you have to improvise them to use them as microphones.

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Why Use Earbuds as Mic on Your PC?

There can be some obvious reasons you want to use earbuds as your microphones and not proper microphones.

Number one is, of course, the budget choice. On-purpose microphones might become expensive, and you just need a microphone for simpler purposes like calling on Skype and recording simple audio messages. Hence, you might choose not to buy a proper mic.

So, you are looking for an alternative that can save you money. Since desktop computers don’t come with a built-in microphone, using earbuds can be a free bonus. It can solve your microphone problem without costing you money.

If you are using the laptop, one of the reasons can be that your laptop’s built-in microphone is malfunctioning and you are looking for a free or cheap alternative. Don’t worry. You can use your mobile’s earbuds as microphones.

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How to Use your Earbuds as a Mic on Your PC?

Follow the following simple steps (for a 3.5 mm connector), and you will be able to use your earphones as a mic in no time:

  • Plug the earbud connector into the microphone jack of your PC.
  • Go to Control Panel on your PC screen.
  • Open Sound.
  • Go to System>Sound.
  • Click on manage audio devices.
  • Click on the recording.
  • Tap a few times on your earbuds and see if the green bars appear.
  • If yes, then select that device as Default.
  • You are all set to use your earbuds as microphones.

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Accessories That Can Help Turn Earbuds into Microphones

There are a lot of accessories in the market that can help turn your earbuds into a microphone. Some of them are described below in the list:

1. Use Audio Splitter

Audio Splitter is a device that lets you separately plug into the audio and mic jack of your PC. Hence, you will be able to use your earbuds as both a mic and earphones.

This device can only be used if your PC has an audio and mic separate jack. Modern PCs don’t come with them. You will be needing a separate device for them.

Audio splitters are easy to get and aren’t expensive. So they won’t weigh on your budget. You can easily afford them.

2. USB Adapter

USB adapter allows you to turn your 3mm jack into a USB-A. Modern PCs don’t often come with dedicated jacks for separate mic and audio. Hence, this might be a better choice for you, depending on your PC.

There is a lot of variety in the PC adapters you can get. Some innovative ones even allow you to control audio and mic levels.

3. Lightning Adapter for iPhone earbuds

iPhone earbuds that come with iPhone 7 and above don’t have a 3mm jack. They need a separate kind of adapter to plug them into your PC.

Hence, if you are an iPhone user and want to use your earbuds as a mic for your PC, you will need a lightning to USB-A adapter to make it work.

4. Bluetooth Earbuds

If you have Bluetooth earbuds, you can connect them to your PC using Bluetooth. If your PC doesn’t come with built-in Bluetooth, you will be needing an external one.

However, these earbuds are meant for your mobile. So, you will need to configure them with a PC to use a mic. Follow the same steps mentioned above to configure your earbuds as a microphone on your PC.

Do Earbuds Serve As Good Mics?

Using earbuds as the microphone is possible, but it doesn’t mean it will always work. There are a lot of variations for earbuds and PCs, and adapters might not work with your earbuds to the risk always remains. You should check on the internet for compatibility or check on the shop before buying.

One other thing is that you mustn’t expect your earbuds to sound like good microphones. Microphones are specifically made for recording vocals. Earbuds can never match them. You can use them for simpler purposes, but don’t expect them to sound that good. They are just cheaper average-quality alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I get my earbud mic to work on my PC?

You need to go to Control Panel>System>Sound>Manage Audio Devices to configure your earbuds as the default recording device. Only then will you be able to use them as microphones.

2. Are earbuds good microphones?

They are average or low-quality microphones, but they serve the purpose. You can use them for simpler purposes like recording voice messages or calling someone on Skype. For other purposes, consider buying all-purpose microphones.

3. Why don’t my earbuds work on my PC?

Well, there can be some problems that you can diagnose using your troubleshooter. You might not have drivers for a microphone, or you might not have configured a default recording device. You can use the troubleshooter to find the problem.

Some Last Words:

You can use earbuds as microphones on your PC. These earbuds will serve as an average alternative to a multipurpose microphone. You can use these earbuds as a microphone to satisfy your temporary needs. How to configure them is already shared in the guide. We hope this guide helps you use your earbuds as a mic on your PC.