Top 10 Best 3.5mm Microphone of 2021 – #4 Will Surprise You

best 3.5mm microphone

The fact is, that everyone these days wants an accessory that is compatible with almost all the gadgets he’s using. In terms of vlogging, the best 3.5mm microphone you can find should be the option your after. best 3.5mm microphone for android

Why? Because a 3.5mm microphone can get connected to a laptop, a vlogging camera, a mobile phone, or even a piano. Apart from that, microphones with 3.5mm audio jack don’t require any drivers to start working on different gadgets.

So, keeping these advantages in mind, I’ve got good news for you. I’ve utilized all my energies in finding some of the best 3.5mm microphones for you. Hence, in this way, you’d be able to make a wise and sophisticated decision based on your preferences.

Let’s have a look without any further ado:

Top 10 Best 3.5mm Microphone of 2021 – An Updated List

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1. Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit - Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Lav Mic Compatible with iPhone, iPad, GoPro, DSLR, Zoom/Tascam Recorder, Samsung, Android, PS4

Purple Panda Lavalier Lapel Microphone
ir? host
The microphone from Purple Panda deserves the first spot rightfully as it has got all important features that are required for perfect audio quality. Having said that, the best lavalier microphone comes with a complete kit including important accessories. In addition to that, the overall design is sophisticated enough. Apart from that, I’ve used this microphone multiple times for making vlogs or for making podcasts, etc. To be really honest, it is working just perfectly since the day I bought it. So, from a durability point of view, there are no compromises from the brand. The microphone is, thus durable enough to last for longer than expected and it’s the main reason people like it. In the end, the price isn’t that high. You’d get the complete microphone kit in no more than 50 bucks which is literally a steal especially in this chaotic situation.

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Moving forward with some basic features, the compatibility factor of the microphone is extremely high. That said, the presence of a 3.5mm audio jack makes it easier for the mic to connect to laptops, cameras, DSLRs, and other musical instruments. In addition to that, some adapters are also included which makes the best 3.5mm microphone capable of connecting to GoPros. On the other hand, the sound quality is also better than most of the so-called mics. Its unidirectional pickup pattern of the microphone allows it to capture full HD sound. Hence, you can add more beauty and aesthetics to your vlogs, podcasts, or interviews by utilizing the Purple Panda microphone.

  • Complete microphone kit.
  • Long extension cord available.
  • Compatible with different gadgets.
  • Captures crisp sound quality.
  • Unidirectional pickup pattern.
  • Perfect for vlogs and podcasts.
  • Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy J series.
  • No other major cons.

Final Views:

From a compatibility point of view, I haven’t found any other microphone kit with same level as Purple Panda. So, I’d suggest you to invest your hard-earned money into this microphone kit before it’s too late.


2. PowerDeWise Professional Grade Lavalier Clip On Microphone - Lav Mic for Camera Phone iPhone GoPro Video Recording ASMR - Small Noise Cancelling 3.5mm Tiny Shirt Microphone with Easy Clip On System

Professional Microphone Omnidirectional Recording Conference

ir? hostIn case if you are looking for a perfect 3.5mm microphone, don’t ever underestimate the power of PowerDeWise lavalier mic. It’s a perfect option for those who are already low on budget but they still need quality sound for their projects. Having said that, PowerDeWise microphone is also known for a higher compatibility factor. That is, the mic can easily get connected to the likes of laptops, PCs, android phones, or even iPhones (with the help of lightning adapter). Apart from that, the mic is compact and portable enough to be carried around from one place to another easily. As far as the durability is concerned, I’ve personally used this microphone and up till now, it didn’t have any issues. The cord is long and durable enough to last for many years to come and that’s the main reason PowerDeWise lavalier microphone is so famous.

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Now coming towards the main features, the microphone, first of all, has a long 79″ extension cord available. Hence, it is easier for you to capture the sound from different directions without worrying about the cord. The sound quality of the best 3.5mm microphone is nothing more than exceptional. It comes with a super-cardioid pickup pattern that removes any kind of background noise or distortion to give you full HD sound quality. Apart from that, the lapel clip included within the mic package is of great benefit. You can attach it anywhere you want, be it your shirt, or your chest to enhance the sound quality while you are speaking. All in all, with an affordable budget, better features and qualities, and durable construction, PowerDeWise microphone should be on a priority list for you by all means.

  • 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Compatible with different gadgets.
  • Durable and sophisticated design.
  • Super cardioid pickup pattern.
  • Top-rated choice for interviews.
  • Could be utilized in podcasts.
  • Poor customer support.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

The lavalier microphone from PowerDeWise is surely an epitome of high-quality sound, durability, and affordability as well. Better check it out before it runs out of stock.



ir? hostGetting a microphone that has a 3.5mm connecting plug and a sophisticated tripod along with superior audio quality is the dream of almost every streamer. Having said that, ELEGIANT is now offering one such microphone deal within an affordable rate. Yeah, you heard it right. The complete microphone deals include a mic, a durable tripod, and a 3.5mm connecting plug. So, it will get easier for you to connect this microphone to your gaming rig for streaming purposes. Apart from that, I didn’t like the design of the mic as it’s a bit bulky. However, with a tripod, everything could easily be sorted out and that’s the main reason you should consider this mic. In the end, one of the best microphones for streaming costs around 25 bucks only. It’s literally a steal if you ask me because streaming microphones are getting expensive day by day.

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The simple plug and play option available within the brand new Y20 is what I liked the most. Simply insert the 3.5mm plug into your PC and your mic will start working normally. As for the audio quality, it’s better than most of the typical streaming microphones. The omnidirectional pickup pattern helps remove background noise and capture sound from only one direction. Hence, it is easier for you to talk to your friends or your audience during the system with an extremely crisp and clear sound quality. Noise cancellation feature is also available. So, all in all, you’d be completely satisfied with the overall quality of the microphone. As far as the extra accessories are concerned, you’d get a folding tripod stand with this mic. Hence, adjusting it would be far easier than expected.

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  • Durable construction.
  • Noise cancelation feature included.
  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern.
  • Best for streaming and gaming.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • No driver installation required.
  • A bit bulky.
  • Not recommended for vlogs.

Final Views:

The microphone from ELEGIANT is one of the best options especially when you are low on budget. I’d recommend you to get your hands on it especially if you are looking for a cheap gaming microphone in 2021.



Professional Condenser Microphone Podcasting Broadcasting

ir? hostFinding a cheap studio microphone that actually has the capability of capturing full HD sound quality is always a headache for a musician. However, MANLI with its condenser mic has made things easier for studio musicians. Yeah, you heard it right. The best 3.5mm microphone comes with almost all important accessories to get adjusted in a small studio. Besides, the elegant design of the mic makes it add more beauty to your studio at the same time. What I liked the most in this microphone is that it offers so many features and that too within such an affordable budget. That said, apart from the 3.5mm audio plug, you’d also get to enjoy the presence of XLR audio jack. So, connecting this mic to different musical instruments is not a difficult job for musicians at all.

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Coming towards the main features, one of the best condenser microphones has got a professional sound chipset. With a superior sampling rate, it becomes easier for the mic to record full HD sound without any worries. Hence, recording songs, speeches, or different instruments becomes an easy job when this microphone is present in your studio. The availability of extra accessories is also worth noticing. MANLI condenser microphone comes with 3.5mm and XLR jack. Besides, it also comes with a POP filter to filter out the distortion or other unwanted noise. Apart from that, a durable mic stand is also included within the package. So, within a 70-dollar budget, you’d be getting a complete studio microphone kit deal which is nothing more than a blessing in disguise for the studio recorders.

  • Complete studio microphone kit.
  • Perfect for recording songs and studio sessions.
  • Pop filter available.
  • Neglects background noise completely.
  • Affordable and justified price tag.
  • XLR jack included.
  • Not recommended for vlogging cameras.
  • Not compatible with mobile phones.

Final Views:

The studio microphone kit from MANLI is a perfect choice for studio musicians who don’t have a lot of money to spend on getting a complete rig. So, you should try this microphone out as it is extremely affordable.


5. Condenser Recording Microphone 3.5mm Plug and Play PC Microphone, Broadcast Microphone for Computer Desktop Laptop MAC Windows Online Chatting Podcast Skype YouTube Game

Condenser Recording Microphone Broadcast Computer

ir? hostAnother cheap condenser microphone from LOOYUAN is already getting the fame because of the quality and extra features it’s offering. That said, the best 3.5mm microphone for streaming is equipped with all important accessories. Hence, you can easily adjust it within your streaming rig and start talking to your audience without any distortion or low sound quality. As for the design, it’s a little bit bulky. However, the presence of the mic stand has made it easier for the microphone to get adjusted in a tight place easily. The compatibility factor, on the other hand, is also worth noticing. I’ve tried this microphone on my PC and laptop and it started working without causing any problems. The plug and play option is really exceptional as it allowed me to save a lot of time in setting up my streaming rig.

Coming towards the main features, the best microphone for streaming comes with a special Pop filter. It filters out the unnecessary noise when you are streaming and helps to deliver crisp audio quality at the same time. In addition to that, the super-cardioid pickup pattern only picks sound from one source. It completely reduces the background noise to make it easier for you to stream conveniently. Apart from that, what intrigued me the most regarding this microphone is that it comes with a foldable tripod stand. So, adjusting it on a tabletop is extremely easier than one could expect.

  • Best condenser mic under 30.
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Perfect option for streaming.
  • Could be used for podcasts.
  • 3.5mm audio jack for instant connectivity.
  • Pop filter included.
  • Suitable for beginners only.
  • Not recommended for professionals.

Final Views:

LOOYUAN condenser microphone has a satisfactory sound quality. However, it’s not that overpowered. That’s the main reason I’d recommend it to the beginner streamers only.


6. MACTREM Lavalier Lapel Microphone, 3.5 MM Shirt Mic Compatible Android Smartphones and Computer, Clip on Microphone for YouTube, Interview, Studio, Video, Recording

Microphone Smartphones, Noise-Cancelling Recording Conference

ir? hostNeed a microphone that costs only a few bucks but has an exceptional audio quality? Yeah, I’m talking about MACTERM lavalier microphone that costs only around 15 bucks but has an extraordinary audio quality nevertheless. That being said, the microphone is extremely compact and portable at the same time. So, carrying it around from one place to another becomes an easy job. On the other hand, the availability of a special lapel clip also allows you to attach this mic to any area of your body you want. Besides, the compatibility factor is as usual extremely high. That is, you can easily connect this microphone to your PC, your camera, laptop, or even a camcorder for a sophisticated audio quality. All in all, the best 3.5mm microphone from MACTERM is really getting famous among the peeps who are interested in improving the audio quality of their vlogs.

Let us talk about the omnidirectional pickup pattern which reduces the background noise quite easily. Hence, recording full HD sound quality is just like eating a hot piece of cake whenever it comes to MACTERM lavalier microphone. Apart from that, the microphone also comes with a direct plug and play connectivity. It’s one of the advantages that you’d surely enjoy while using this mic. At last, I’d also want to recommend this mic to beginner streamers who want to make their videos as perfect as possible.

  • Lapel clip available.
  • Multiple pop filters included.
  • Long extension cord.
  • Durable design.
  • Records full HD sound quality.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Not a good choice for professional vloggers.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

MACTERM lavalier microphone is a perfect alternative only if you are extremely low on budget. I’d suggest you to check it out if you are about to start your vlogging journey.


7. Recording Microphone, EIVOTOR 3.5mm Condenser Microphone Plug and Play, PC Microphone with Filter Suitable for Podcasting, Voice Recording, Skype, YouTube, Games, Laptop, Computer, Phone

Recording Microphone EIVOTOR Condenser Podcasting

ir? hostThe next microphone up on our list is from EIVOTOR that is already catching the attention of many streamers and indoor vloggers. One of the reasons it’s been listed here is that it comes with a 3.5mm audio jack. Hence, connecting it to different devices and gadgets becomes an easier task. In addition to that, what matters the most regarding the best 3.5mm microphone is that it comes with all additional accessories. For instance, the foldable tripod stand available within the microphone is perfect for adjusting it anywhere you want. One other thing that is quite interesting regarding this recording mic is that it has got a reasonable price tag. So, that’s one more plus point to get indulged in getting this mic as soon as possible.

Coming towards the main features, one thing that interests me the most is that this microphone comes with a double layer pop filter. Hence, there won’t be any extra noise. On the other hand, the super-cardioid pickup pattern helps the streamers to deliver crisp and clear audio quality especially while talking to their audience. Lastly, the microphone has got a unique design and it is durable enough to last for many years.

  • Double layered pop filter.
  • Perfect for beginner YouTubers.
  • Ideal choice for podcasts.
  • Can be helpful in gaming streams.
  • Super cardioid pickup pattern.
  • Durable enough.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Fragile tripod.

Final Views:

EIVOTOR has resolved almost all issues a beginner YouTuber could face whenever it comes to audio quality. So, better get this microphone deal before it’s too late.


8. USB Condenser Podcast PC Microphone, Plug&Play Recording Microphone Suitable for Vocal Instrument, YouTube, Gaming, Podcasting, Streaming, Computer Mic Compatible with Desktop/Laptop/Notebook (3.5mm)

Microphone ZAFFIRO Omnidirectional Condenser Podcastingir? hostZAFFIRO computer microphone is the kind of device that looks extremely beautiful and sophisticated on your rig. It’s a compact 3.5mm microphone that can filter the audio or sound from every kind of noise easily. Having said that, the mic offers a simple plug and play operation. You can easily connect it to different operating systems and devices at the same time. Talking of the overall durability, there is no compromise on it from the brand. Once acquired, this microphone will spend a good amount of time in ensuring a full HD audio quality for your projects.

An advanced sound chip installed in this microphone automatically reduces background noise as well as the distortion to keep the audio as clear and crisp as possible. In addition to that, the microphone is also perfect for different applications. For instance, you can utilize it to talk with your friends while playing games. Plus, it won’t disappoint you while streaming as well. So, it depends upon you whether you want to improve the quality of your stream within a low budget or not.

  • 3.5mm audio jack for easy connectivity.
  • Perfect for streaming.
  • Compact design.
  • Sophisticated mic stand included.
  • Cardioid pickup pattern.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Not recommended for vlogging cameras.
  • Not a better option for professional streamers.

Final Views:

Regardless of the minor tweaks, ZAFFIRO computer microphone is the type of audio device that a beginner streamer must have to make his streams as perfect as possible.


9. TONOR XLR Condenser Microphone Kit with XLR to XLR Cable/3.5mm to XLR/Adjustable Mic Suspension Scissor Arm/Shock Mount/USB Audio Adapter for Professional Studio/Home Recording, Podcasting, Black

TONOR Professional Microphone Podcasting Broadcasting

ir? hostWanna make your setup just like a professional YouTuber? You may want to take a look at TONOR XLR microphone in this regard. This condenser microphone kit is a perfect choice for those who want to improve the audio quality of their streams in every possible manner. The kit consists of a sophisticated microphone stand that is flexible enough to be adjusted anywhere you want. Not only that, but the XLR/3.5mm connectivity also enhances the overall compatibility factor. So, you can enjoy connecting this microphone to any compatible device you want.

Talking of the microphone, the sound it filters is out of this world. Don’t believe me? Try it for once and you’d know what I am talking about. The omnidirectional pickup pattern of the mic also plays a crucial role in filtering the voice as much as possible. Besides, this condenser microphone can also be used to record different musical instruments. It’s surely a disguise for a low-budget musician who wants to improve the quality of his studio as much as possible.

  • Durable construction.
  • Shock mount and pop filter included.
  • Perfect for streaming and podcasts.
  • Ideal choice for professional streamers.
  • Affordable microphone kit.
  • Doesn’t work with mobile phones.
  • Not compatible with Macbook.

Final Views:

Tonor XLR microphone is the best option available in 2021 especially if you are interested in upgrading your studio or streaming rig to a whole new level.


10. TONOR Pro Condenser Microphone XLR to 3.5mm Podcasting Studio Recording Condenser Microphone Kit Computer Mics with 48V Phantom Power Supply Black

TONOR Condenser Microphone Podcasting Recording

ir? hostLastly, we’d be wrapping up our topic of best 3.5mm microphones with TONOR Pro. This microphone kit is an upgraded version of the microphone that we discussed just above. One thing that is quite interesting regarding this microphone is that it comes with a lot of connectivity options. So, you can use it for different applications based on your will and wish.

The microphone is as usual too much overpowered. It filters all kinds of noise from the background to deliver crisp clear audio quality. Besides, the pop filter also plays its role in making the sound as natural as possible. On the other hand, one of the best microphones comes with all kinds of accessories including a tripod stand and a shock mount. So, you can easily adjust it anywhere you want.

  • Shock mount available.
  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern.
  • Perfect for streaming and podcasts.
  • Affordable kit price.
  • Not compatible with mobile phones.
  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Better consider getting the complete kit, i.e. Tonor Pro if you are interested in making your streams as professional as famous YouTubers.


Top 3 Recommendations:

The top 3 recommendations based on positive customer feedback and my own experiments are as follows:

1. Purple Panda Lavalier microphone as it’s the best 3.5mm microphone of 2021. Best lavalier microphone 2020

2. ELEGIANT Y20 as it’s a perfect option for PC.

3. TONOR Pro if you want a setup just like a professional streamer.

Summarizing Things Up:

That would be all from me regarding the best 3.5mm microphone of 2021. I hope you’d be able to make a wise decision by going through the list of all microphones I’ve mentioned above. Invest at least 50 bucks and try to get the complete microphone kit to keep yourself away from extra fuss.

Good Luck!!