Blue Yeti Microphone Review – The Best All-Round Microphone of 2022

Blue Yeti Microphone is the best USB microphone for professionals. Many Youtubers have used this microphone for live streaming and recording podcasts. And the fun fact is, all of them have absolutely loved it. Yeti By Blue Microphone 2020

The best USB microphone should do two things: it should sound great and have a quick setup. This is the reason why it is the best USB microphone according to many different experts, podcasters, vloggers, and YouTubers.

You can do some good quality audio recording and stream with this microphone. Apart from this, the Blue Yeti is also best for recording instruments. So, if you have any kind of musical talent, then this might be the microphone you need in the first place.

With that being said, let’s get into its review and explore some key features of the new Blue Yeti Microphone:



Important Features You Need to Know

  • First things first, the multiple pattern selection of the Blue Yeti USB microphone enables you to access your microphone from different sides. Simply put, the different modes of this microphone can be a game-changer for your voice-overs or audio recordings.
  • Having said that, the Blue Yeti microphone settings start with the cardioid mode. This is the most popular setting of this mic, which minimizes picking up the sounds from sides. Unlike cardioid, the stereo mode captures sound from the front and the back and gives a declining sound effect from the sides. So, this is best for recording podcasts.
  • Next off, the Blue Yeti USB microphone is a budget-friendly microphone. And the best part is that the different colors available online are cheaper than the others. So, with Blue Yeti, you have got multiple color options available, that too within your range.
  • Adding to this, the USB microphones are easy to set up and does not require a complex installation. This makes the Blue Yeti compatible with Windows and Mac both. Plus, the smart design of this microphone will look perfect with your other gadgets.
  • Moreover, you need no drivers or software to get the mic started. It is ready to use right out of the box. Just pug the USB cable in, and there you have the best condenser microphone ready to record amazing stuff.
  • With that being said, let’s talk about the heavy-duty, power-packed performance of the Blue Yeti USB microphone. It records at 16-bit and 48 kHz. The average frequency response of the Yeti by Blue goes around 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Apart from all of this, the Blue Yeti shows up with a bunch of accessories that can bring an aesthetic look to your workspace. Turn your desktop table into a live broadcast studio by having the Compass broadcast boom arm and Radius III shock mount.

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Yeti By Blue Microphone Settings

So here we are going to talk about the different setting options available on the Blue Yeti USB microphone. By switching to different modes of the mic, you can take advantage of recording differently, and according to the situation too.

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Let me show you how:

Four Main Settings: 

Here we have the four main Blue Yeti microphone settings, that go with the scenario. For instance, if you are recording a voice-over for your video chat, or commentary or even you are live streaming on YouTube or Facebook, then the Cardioid mode will serve the purpose. Best USB Microphone 2022

And that’s the most commonly used mode of the Blue Yeti microphone. The reason is that it picks up the voice right from the front of the mic, and minimizes the sounds from the sides. It records rich, full-bodied sounds, which mainly focuses on the speaker.

Stereo Mode Settings: 


The other most amazing setting which you can switch to while using this microphone is the stereo mode. As I have already mentioned above, the stereo mode is useful for recording two-persons’ conversation or even for capturing a wide realistic sound. Simply put, the left and right inclining of the speaker is being recorded in this setting and that’s its highlight!

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Remaining Two Modes: 

That said, the rest of the two modes are also included in the perks of having the best YouTube microphone 2021. The bidirectional and omnidirectional are similar to that of the above-mentioned microphone settings, with a slight difference.

Omnidirectional pattern records sound from all over. It gives you a feeling as if you were there. so, this mode is best for conference calls. And the bidirectional setting picks sound from the front and back of the Blue Yeti. So for a two-person podcast, this is what you need.

General Settings: 

We are almost there:

Now, if we talk about the general settings of the microphone and how to set it up for the first time, then there are some points to mention here. First and foremost, the microphone is ready to use out of the box. You just need to plug the USB cable in and get started with the recording.

Secondly, the frequency range of the voice can be adjusted with the help of a dialer located at the front side of the mic. Other than that, the major mistake which all the beginners make is that they record the audio from the top of the microphone. That’s wrong. The right way is to record the audio from the front of the microphone.

And we are done!

What We Liked
  • Minimized background sounds.
  • Different microphone settings.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • Perfect for recording vocals also.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Practical, foldable design.
  • No complex setup.
  • Affordable price range.
What We Did Not Like
  • Unmuting the mic is a bit problematic.
  • Customer support is not that good.
  • No other major downfall.

The Final Word 

To sum up the whole thing, I would say that the Blue Yeti Microphone is a remarkable piece of a voice recorder that you can use for YouTube videos, gaming voice-overs, commentary, or even while face-timing your friends.

Along with the reasonable price tag, you are going to have a mic that is easy to install and use. So better get this masterpiece as soon as possible.

87 / 100

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