10 Best Shotgun Mics for Indie Filmmakers and DSLRs alike

What’s all the fuss going on about Best shotgun mics for Indie filmmakersbest shotgun mics 2021

Makes a person wonder, “Is it worth getting a shotgun microphone?”

Well, to be precise, it all comes down to how precisely and fluently you want to capture the audio quality.

For starters, shotgun microphones are the latest trend in the microphone industry. They offer capturing full HD audio from distant objects. Moreover, professional filmmakers use such mics most often.

However, with the latest technological advancements, top-rated shotgun mics are now often used by indie filmmakers and vloggers at the same time.

Now, the question here arises, “From where I could get the best shotgun mic in 2021?”

To answer this question in detail, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most versatile shotgun mics available on the market.

Don’t forget! Before compiling the list, I kept features like compactness, sound recording ability, and budget preferences in mind. Moreover, I’ve taken into account, the views of multiple customers and have chosen each shotgun mic accordingly. All in all, let us dive right into the best shotgun mic reviews in 2021:


10 Best Shotgun Mics For 2022

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1. Movo VXR10-PRO—Best Compact Shotgun Microphones

Movo VXR10-PRO—Best Compact Shotgun Microphones

VXR10-PRO is one of the best directional shotgun mics which captures exactly what you want to hear while removing the background noise. Whether it’s a short film on the camcorder or a movie on DSLR, this best shotgun mic will surely satisfy your needs.

This best directional microphone allows for high-grade professional video shooting for your work as well as personal use. This allows you to shoot your videos which maximum clarity sound.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its features:

Important Features You Must Know:

This best shotgun mic allows you to record high-quality audio. The variety of controls allows you to configure your video settings and shoot the best quality as per your need. It also allows you to monitor the headphone when using an app on the smartphone.

This professional shotgun microphone is packed with a highly accurate super-cardioid that delivers maximum unparalleled clarity. This feature provides you with better sound quality than other directional microphones.

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Adding to this, this product comes with a product warranty. The warranty lasts for one year and the company claims to be very customer friendly. They also have US-based customer support to achieve customer satisfaction fully.

Last but not the least, the battery-free design allows this mic to directly draw power from the device. It is compatible with both smartphones as well as DSLR. The polar pattern reduces the background noise and picks up exactly what you want to hear.

  • Maximum Clarity
  • Professional Video Shooting
  • Battery-Free Design
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Ready-to-use
  • Compact Design
  • Compatible with Smart Phones
  • Difficult to Insert into Shock Mount
  • Can’t monitor audio in real-time

Why We Recommend Movo VXR10-PRO:

All the mentioned features come in a very affordable and decent price tag which makes this Movo VXR10-PRO the best shotgun mic and a wonderful product to purchase for both your professional as well as personal use.


2. Rode NTG2—Best Shotgun Mics for Broadcasting


This multi-powered best shotgun mic is designed and programmed to be used professionally such as in films, TV shows, videos, and productions. Rode NTG2 is a low-weight condenser shotgun microphone that provides one of the best sound qualities.

This Rode shotgun mic also acts as a boom mic because of its lightweight. The condenser capsule allows for low noise and clearer audio from your source. You can mount it both on the camera and boom pole.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about the stunning features of this best shotgun mic:

Important Features You Must Know:

This Rode shotgun microphone provides you with noise reduction, a full frequency response rate, and transparent audio. These features make this shotgun mic the perfect and ideal choice for films, interviews, and also other videos.

The low weight of this device also makes it an ideal boom microphone. It only weighs 5.7 ounces without batteries. The multi-powered nature of this shotgun mic also makes it ideal for outdoor situations in which phantom power could not be accessed.

The optional accessories like a windshield and Deadcat furry are recommended for outdoor activities because they will enhance the output of audio quality. They minimize the light wind noises and plosives during the recording.

This best shotgun mic contains a 20Hz-20kHz base frequency response along with a high pass filter at 80Hz. This prevents low-end noises such as traffic, air conditioner, and others from getting recorded.

  • High Pass 80Hz Filter
  • Noise Reduction
  • Crystal Clarity Sound
  • Multi-Powered
  • Light-Weight
  • An ideal choice for Films and Voiceovers
  • Lacks on\off switch
  • A bit expensive

Why We Recommend Rode NTG2:

This shotgun mic is one of the best Rode has to offer. It comes with enhanced features that make it ideal for movies, videos, and voiceovers. This Rode shotgun mic perfectly captures target audio and reduces the noise of everything around.


3. Audio-Technica AT875R—Best Short Shotgun Microphone

Audio-Technica AT875R—Best Short Shotgun Microphone

AT875R model is a shotgun condenser microphone that is designed for video production and broadcast-quality audio capture. This best shotgun mic produces a rich sound with maximum clarity.

This shotgun microphone comes in a short but durable design which makes it ideal to be used with compact digital cameras. It provides users with commendable performance to shoot the best videos of their lives.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its features:

Important Features You Must Know:

This short and compact shotgun provides you with a narrow acceptance angle which allows you to capture clear audio from long distances without much noise or distortion. This best shotgun mic also rejects sound from sides and back which enhances target sound quality.

This particular model is designed for both video production and broadcast audio acquisition. The sound quality provided by this microphone is up to maximum clarity along with effective noise reduction which makes it ideal for multi-purpose shooting.

The extremely short design with a smaller diameter makes this device perfect to be used with the compact digital camera in both indoor and outdoor shooting. Moreover, the sound quality is much better than in-camera sound when recording at functions.

This best shotgun mic is designed in such a way that it minimizes the camera and handles noise when shooting a video. Moreover, this professional shotgun mic only operates on Phantom power, which makes it ideal for the professional environment.

  • Effective Video Production
  • Short Compact Design
  • Long Distance Sound Pickup
  • Minimal Camera and Handling Noise
  • Professional Design
  • Noise Reduction
  • No Battery Power
  • Cords are not included

Why We Recommend Audio-Technica AT875R:

All things considered, this shotgun condenser mic provides you with a good sound quality under a decent price tag. Its small design makes it extremely portable and perfect to use for semi-professional as well as professional work.


4. Audio-Technica AT897—Best Shotgun Mic-in 2021

AT897 is an advanced model shotgun condenser microphone that is made for higher-quality video production and broadcasting. As this model is a bit more expensive than the previous model, this best shotgun mic has superior quality audio with minimum noise.

This comparatively short shotgun condenser microphone provides you with smooth and natural audio quality. This model besides its superiority in terms of audio and sound quality also has the feature of battery power.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its advanced features:

Important Features You Must Know:

The sound quality provided by this best shotgun mic is superior to previous models. Though this model comes at a fairly high price, it allows for the best shooting experience which makes it capable of professional use.

Adding to this, the comparatively short length of this shotgun microphone keeps it out of the shot. Although it is not the shortest as the previous model, it is still only 11 inches which keeps it out of the camera even when used with compact digital cameras.

The upgraded feature which makes it superior to previous models is that it operates both on battery power and also on phantom power. This feature allows this shotgun microphone to be used for both indoor and outdoor video shooting.

  • Smooth Natural Sound
  • Broadcast Ready
  • Long Distance Sound Pickup
  • Both Battery and Phantom Powered
  • Excellent Noise Reduction
  • Switchable Low-Frequency roll-off
  • A bit expensive
  • Battery Mode has no on\off switch

Why We Recommend Audio-Technica AT897:

This shotgun condenser microphone provides the users with superior audio quality with enhanced noise reduction. These features along with a small compact design and multi-powered nature make this device the best shotgun mic for both indoor and outdoor usage.


5. TAKSTAR SGC-598—Best Shotgun Mic for Interview

TAKSTAR SGC-598—Best Shotgun Mic for Interview

This shotgun microphone is specially designed for compact cameras for interviews and other video shooting purposes. The highly sensitive condenser microphone enhances the quality of recordings.

This specific model is claimed to be designed for interviewing and is best compatible with Nikon and Canon cameras, and also DV camcorders. It comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack and is compatible with many devices.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about the features of this best shotgun mic:

Important Features You Must Know:

This unidirectional condenser microphone provides the user with high-quality clear audio at a highly affordable price tag. Hence, this best shotgun mic is accessible to almost everyone and even students can use it for their college or personal projects.

The cardioid connectivity of this shotgun microphone effectively reduces the surrounding noise and focuses on the target sound for accurate recording. Moreover, the shockproof design also reduces the mechanical noise of the camera and vibrations.

The sturdy solid material design protects the audio recording from electromagnetic interference. Moreover, the heart-shaped single-point pickup feature also reduces the noise and helps in the accurate sound pickup.

  • Best for Interviews
  • Very Affordable
  • Highly Sensitive Condenser
  • Sturdy Solid Design
  • Shock Resistant Structure
  • Unidirectional Mic
  • Mounting Issue
  • Hissing Sound (Fixable)

Why We Recommend TAKSTAR SGC-598:

The most obvious reason would be the price tag under which it comes and the sound quality. It is a quality camera that can be used for effective audio recording in interviews. Moreover, the noise reduction of this best shotgun mic is also very effective.


6. Audio-Technica ATR-6550—Best Video Camera Shotgun Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR-6550—Best Video Camera Shotgun Microphone

ATR-6550 is an affordable model by Audio-Technica which provides quality audio capture from both far away targets as well as up close. The recording options make it easier for the shotgun microphone to optimize sound as per the target’s distance.

This Super Cardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone has a crisp and intelligible pickup. Moreover, this best directional microphone also only picks up sound from the target and removes side and background noises effectively.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its features:

Important Features You Must Know:

The crisp and intelligible pickup of this best shotgun mic is supported by two range selections. The normal option is for close and medium distance recordings while Tele is for recording from a longer distance. These options provide with best-optimized sound quality.

The Tele mode picks up sound as well as audio effects from longer distances while also reducing ambient noises. This feature in a low-priced model is effective in attracting customers toward it.

Moreover, the company also claims that this best shotgun mic is specially designed for use with video cameras. It comes with a 3mm connection which makes this shotgun microphone compatible with many video cameras.

  • Crisp & Intelligible Pickup
  • Two Distance Modes
  • Bypasses Ambient Noise
  • Specially Designed For Video Cameras
  • Super cardioid Condenser
  • 3.5mm Connectivity
  • Handling Noise (Solvable)
  • No “On” LED light

Why We Recommend Audio-Technica ATR-6550:

Under this affordable price tag, this best shotgun mic model is certainly a good choice. The two distance modes certainly provide optimizations that prove to be very effective in the professional and semi-professional shooting.


7. LyxPro CMG-50—Best Professional Shotgun Microphone


CMD-50 is one of the best condenser shotgun microphones. They come in multi-powered models that can be used for professional video shooting and filmmaking. They are compatible with DSLR cameras and camcorders.

This best shotgun camcorder comes completely packed with needed accessories and is ready to use. The packed windscreen and storage pouch are a bonus. This allows for completely prepared video shooting

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its features:

Important Features You Must Know:

This professional shotgun microphone allows for superior directivity. The Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern reduces the side and rear originating noises and provides you with the target sound with maximum clarity.

The compact small design of this best shotgun mic along with its ultra-lightweight makes it perfectly portable for outdoor usage. Adding to this, this shotgun microphone can be powered by both Phantom power and an internal battery.

Moreover, this device also contains a switchable High Pass filter which can be used to reduce the low-frequency noises which are surrounding your target sound. Hence, you will have a clearer audio capture.

  • Polar Pattern
  • Super-Cardioid
  • Switchable High Pass Filter
  • Both Battery and Phantom Powered
  • Small Compact Design
  • Efficient Portability
  • Includes Foam Windscreen
  • Switches are a bit stiff
  • No cords included

Why We Recommend LyxPro CMG-50:

These effective features of this best shotgun mic make it the perfect and also an affordable choice for early-stage professional film or short-film shooting. This device is compatible with both cameras as well as camcorders.


8. PIXEL MC650—Best Budget Shotgun Mic in 2021

PIXEL MC650—Best Budget Shotgun Mic in 2021

MC650 comes with a complete camera microphone which makes it one of the best shotgun microphones to buy on the market. This kit contains all the necessary items which make this shotgun microphone ready to use out of the box.

This Pixel directional shotgun microphone is the perfect companion for your DSLR camera or camcorder. You can use it for both professional and personal usage and also both indoor and outdoor.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its features:

Important Features You Must Know:

This best shotgun mic comes with a complete camera microphone kit which has a deadcat furry as well as a foam windscreen included. This allows for smooth audio quality both outdoors and indoors.

The deadcat furry attenuates high wind noise when you are shooting outdoors, and the soft foam windscreen reduces the gentle noises when shooting indoors or shooting in studios.

Moreover, this best shotgun mic has a three-level gain which allows for shooting in a variety of environments. These features can be used to get clear audio as it reduces the distortion while also providing you with a higher gain signal.

  • Indoor\Outdoor Use
  • Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • High Pass Filter Switch
  • Three Level Gain
  • Windscreens Included
  • Complete Kit with Cables
  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • No other cons

Why We Recommend PIXEL MC650:

Under the low price, this amazing shotgun mic comes with a complete kit that contains 2 windscreens for indoor and outdoor shooting as well as the connecting cables which makes it a complete microphone kit package.


9. Sennheiser MKE 600—Sennheiser Ultimate Shotgun Microphone Kit

Sennheiser MKE 600—Sennheiser Ultimate Shotgun Microphone Kit

The MKE600 shotgun microphone is specifically designed to be used with a camcorder or a video DSLR. Due to the company’s extensive expertise, this best shotgun mic can tackle the hardest of video sound problems and provide you with the best sound quality.

Moreover, this model comes within a compact and short design as compared to previous models and yet it packs superior audio capture quality. This device along with its high-level directivity focuses on the sound of what’s in front of the camera.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its features:

Important Features You Must Know:

MKE-600 comes with a complete Sennheiser ultimate shotgun microphone kit. This kit includes Audio-Technica AT8415 Low Profile Universal Shock Mount which is a universal shock mount for boom poles or mic stands.

The lightweight and low-profile design make this best shotgun mic ideal for the boom pole. Moreover, this Sennheiser shotgun microphone also reduces the vibration noise transmitted through boom poles and mic stands.

This shotgun mic is also multi-powered which allows it to work on battery as well as Phantom power. Moreover, this shotgun microphone has a low battery LED indicator which allows you to timely charge your battery when going for outdoor shooting.

This device also reduces handling and wind noises in the audio. This shotgun mic has exceptional directivity, maximum rejection of side noises, and also a switchable low cut filter which makes it part of the perfect video shooting kit.

  • Exceptional Directivity
  • Rejection of Side Noise
  • Switchable Low Cut Filter
  • Effective Portability
  • Multi-Powered
  • Comes with a Complete Kit
  • A bit expensive
  • No other cons

Why We Recommend Sennheiser Ultimate?

This Sennheiser Ultimate Shotgun Microphone Kit surely asks for some investment but is the best deal available in the market for the best shotgun mic. It comes as a complete professional package which surely satisfies the customer for every cent. This shotgun mic provides the clearest sound quality with minimum handling of side noise.


10. Moukey MCM-1—Best Cheap Shotgun Microphone for Vlogging

Moukey MCM-1—Best Cheap Shotgun Microphone for Vlogging

Moukey shotgun microphone comes at a very low and affordable price while also providing its users with quality features. This shotgun mic is the best and recommended choice for Vlogging but you can use it for other purposes as well.

This best shotgun microphone is compatible with cameras as well as smartphones which allows students as well as travel freaks to record their Vlogs and videos with ease. Also, it provides quality audio which makes those videos great.

Now, let’s get into a bit of detail about its features:

Important Features You Must Know:

One of the most beneficial features of this best shotgun mic is its universal compatibility. This feature allows this shotgun it most of the DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The built-in high-class condenser capsule allows for supreme audio recording whenever used with various DSLR cameras. Moreover, the uni-directional microphone is only sensitive to noise in front of it and reduces background noise.

Adding to this, the aluminum-made body protects the sound recording quality by higher frequency surrounding waves. Hence, interruptions and distortions are effectively avoided in the sound recording.

Moreover, the shock absorption shock mount minimizes the handling and vibration noises in the recording. Hence, you have a cleaner, quieter, quality audio of your target with minimum surrounding noises.

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Built-In High-Class Cardioid Condenser Capsule
  • Aluminum Made Body
  • Cheap Price
  • Shock Absorption Mount
  • Best shotgun mic for Vlogging

To attach to the phone, you will need the separate mount

Not battery powered

Why We Recommend Moukey MCM-1?

At the given price, this is one of the best products on the market. This best shotgun mic comes with a complete usage kit and takes its power from the device. It can also be mounted on a mobile phone and used for Vlogging. This shotgun microphone comes with both TRS and TRSS cables which extend its connectivity options.


Top 3 Shotgun Mic Picks For 2021

Based on personal experience, expert opinions from professional filmmakers, and positive customer feedback, the top 3 picks are as follows:

1. Movo VXR10-PRO as it’s the best shotgun mic rated for 2021.

2. Rode NTG2 as it’s the best shotgun mic for broadcasting in 2021.

3. Audio-Technica AT875R as it’s the best compact shotgun mic in 2021.

Everything You Need to Know About Shotgun Microphones: A Buying Guide for Newbies

Back in the days, shotgun mics were mostly used by professional filmmakers to record movies or TV shows with full HD audio quality.

But the recent technological shift has foreseen the fact that now low-budget filmmakers and professional vloggers are using these mics to get their desired results.

It really makes a newbie think, “What’s a shotgun microphone?”

To answer that question, I’d be explaining how shotgun mics work and why they are getting so famous among vloggers.

Adding to that, I’ll also explain some of the features to consider before purchasing the best shotgun mic.

So, sit tight and give this section a careful read before assuming anything about the shotgun microphones.

Let’s start:

What is a Shotgun Microphone?

Don’t get me wrong. A shotgun microphone doesn’t actually resemble a real shotgun.

However, it somehow resembles the structure of a shotgun’s barrel. Top-rated shotgun microphone 2021

The shotgun microphone picks up sound from a unidirectional path, thus negating all background noise effectively.

The super-cardioid pattern being used in these mics ensures recording every hiss and shush from the source they are directed towards.

Meanwhile, these mics are completely unidirectional. So, the background noise captured is way too little to make any disturbance.

So, that’s what a shotgun microphone stands for.

What’s the Difference between a Shotgun Mic and a Boom Mic?

A stand only! Yeah, that’s the only difference between a shotgun microphone and a boom mic.

When filmmakers attach the microphone to a long stand to direct it towards the source easily, it becomes a boom microphone.

Take out the stand, and a boom mic immediately becomes a shotgun microphone.

So, don’t confuse yourself when you hear the term “Boom mic” instead of a shotgun microphone.

Why Vloggers Love Shotgun Microphones?

You could’ve seen professional YouTube channels such as Logan Paul and Linus Tech Tips using a shotgun microphone while recording a vlog.

So, the question here is that why do vloggers love shotgun mics that much?

The answer is simple. High directionality while completely ignoring the background noise.

Ever wondered why there’s no noise when a professional YouTuber makes an outdoor noise?

That’s because they are using the best shotgun mics. Such a mic constantly filters out the wind noises and other background disturbances as it’s directed towards the source.

Apart from that, the sound captured is full HD and crystal clear.

Hence, professional YouTubers love shotgun mics whenever they have to make outdoor or travel vlogs.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Shotgun Mic-in 2021?

Some important factors that you must never ignore while purchasing a shotgun mic are as follows:

1. High Directionality:

First things first, directionality matters a lot no matter if you are an indie filmmaker, a vlogger, or a professional sound recording expert.

That said, preferring a shotgun mic with high directionality is quite ideal in the sense that it captures with an extremely narrow focus.

In this way, you could be able to get the desired results of recording your shots with crystal clear sound.

Not only that, but shotgun mics with high directionality also seem to reduce the surrounding nuisance.

Therefore, getting a shotgun mic with high directionality should be a priority for you.

2. Low Self Noise Quality:

Before you purchase a shotgun microphone, make sure that it comes with low self-noise technology.

What is it?

Well, low self-noise means that when the mic operates it produces as little noise as possible. best budget shotgun microphone 2021

In doing so, it focuses on recording extremely low-pitched sounds.

Thus, the ultimate result is crystal clear sound with focused hissing to maintain the realistic touch of audio.

So, what I want you guys to consider is a shotgun mic that comes with this option.

3. High Sensitivity Matters:

For recording low-pitched sounds and audio, you must invest in a microphone that comes with high sensitivity.

Fortunately all the shotgun mics I’ve mentioned above are loaded with high sensitivity options to keep things as smooth as possible.

However, if your work doesn’t require capturing low-pitched sounds, then a mic with a low sensitivity level would work wonders for you as well.

4. Compactness and Portability:

This option is quite helpful for vloggers and YouTubers.

Shotgun mics are usually long enough. However, the recent shotgun mics are quite compact and they ensure maximum portability at the same time.

That said, I’d suggest you get a compact shotgun microphone if your only preference is making vivid vlogs and outdoor videos.

However, for filmmakers, long and tall shotgun mics should be a top priority.

5. Consider the Budget:

Last but not the least, always keep your budget in mind while choosing a top-rated shotgun microphone.

A shotgun microphone for filmmakers is usually quite expensive and would cost as much as 200 to 600 bucks.

However, don’t panic! Most of the shotgun mics I’ve mentioned fall in the $100 budget category.

They are mostly suited for YouTubers who want to use them with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

So, before making the last decision, simply take a look at the shotgun mics I’ve mentioned above.

To Conclude:

Getting the best shotgun mic is the need for the hour, especially for vloggers and indie filmmakers.

The shogun mic reviews I’ve mentioned are based on multiple experiments and relevant customer feedback.

So, explore the list and make a perfect choice based on your will and wish!

Good Luck!!

96 / 100

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