You Can Use Your Earbuds as a Mic on Your PC?

How Can You Use Earbuds as Mic on Your PC

The question, “How can you use your earbuds as a mic on your PC?” is quite interesting. That is, many readers on Microphone Review have asked me this question and that’s the reason I’m going to write on it today. Getting started: Older PCs usually have separate analog plugins for both microphones and earbuds. If … Read more

What is the Best Microphone for Discord? 2021,Top 12 Picks

best microphone for discord

“Is it worth getting the Best Microphone for Discord?” Personally, I like the HyperX QuadCast as the Best Microphone for Discord for 2021. The answer is yes With the type of popularity that Discord is gaining, more and more streamers, YouTubers, and professional gamers prefer to use it. Many professional steamers including ChocoTaco, Shroud, and … Read more

Microphone Not Working – How To Solve Mic Not Working Issues?

Microphone Not Working Issues Resolved 2021

In these modern Corona times, the use of the microphone has increased exponentially in laptop users. A lot of people are using microphones for their online classes as well as conferences and other events. This sudden increase in usage has also made people realize the problems that can arise and cause a microphone to malfunction. … Read more

11 Different Types of Microphones — Latest Microphone Types in 2021

Different types of microphones 2021

In the modern 21st century, there is a large variety of microphones as well as their purposes. Different types of microphones are used in different situations for optimized recording experiences. Microphones have a variety of use in the modern world. From home to office to professional concerts, all places use a variety of microphones which … Read more

Top 10 Best XLR Microphone Rated for 2021 – For Podcasting & Gaming

best XLR microphone 2021

Are you looking for the best XLR microphone to record crystal clear audio in 2021?  Well, we at Microphone Review have got your back in this regard. For starters, microphones with XLR connectivity are quite popular due to universal compatibility. They easily get connected to several musical instruments and could be used for recording podcasts, … Read more